Get the most of a trip: the soul of a place

Based on True Luxury, ecolodges offer the opportunity to reconnect with the exhuberance of Nature and ultimately with our own nature, by connecting to the power of the 4 elements and their vibrations in order to get the most of a trip: the soul of a place.

For each park, private reserve or sanctuary, the ecolodge selected (or sustainable hotel with a lodge flavor) should be THE PLACE TO B(REATH)E, as an invitation to the best possible way of experiencing the natural site ; agreeing with the Manifesto that We, at The Best of Nature, strongly believe that Travelling offers the possibility to live differently for a while and experience Life in a possible different way when back home. Thus creating more awareness around the philosophy of the ecolodge, away from mass tourism developed through platforms at a time when tourism is keeping developping strongly, sometimes respectless of places and populations.