« I love travelling but I have to admit that along my journeys, I’ve always been troubled and shocked at the same time. The Nature is incredibly beautiful. Yet our humanity seems to lack of consideration and consciousness of it. This was all the stronger 2 years ago in Cape Verde. For a week, I had the pleasure to walk long days along the sea shore, discovering beautiful beaches and creeks… strewn with waste.

I discussed this further on with Larissa, creator of the awe-inspiring ecolodge Spinguera on Boa Vista island. And while we were sharing our similar view of Life, I felt that my deep wish to remain independent was not the right path, and that, creating a community dynamics with an alltogetherness approach to Travel rather than an “alone on a remote place” feeling could positively impact the Planet and our Humanity… through an Eco-Travel Lifestyle able to change our lifestyle. Far beyond Travel.

From this time, I’ve been willing to design a community of ecolodges around the world. Their strength is to offer immersive experiences and a deep connection to the Elements, which favour a high level of emotion and vibration. Experiences that also favour a high level of consciousness while reconnecting with Nature and ultimately with our own deep nature and the best of our Self. Having understood and, even better, felt the impact of Nature on our wellness, we can become more conscious of the necessity to protect Nature, our ultimate Home. This is the only and preliminary way of respecting ourselves.

Last but not least: as an entrepreneur, creator of « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa 9 years ago in the Natural Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, in France, I believe that beyond the basic and fundamental economic needs to satisfy, we can create value for the society more globally. This also is part of this new Adventure – like a new mission on Planet Earth for me – named The Best of Nature. »

Laurence COSTA