THE BEST OF NATURE is the brand name for a portfolio of ecolodges and sustainable hotels with a lodge flavor throughout the world**, considered jewels of Nature and working in conjunction with Nature. All of them wish to have the least possible impact on nature through their activities, are part of the development of the area and are conscious of their mission to impact the local environment and people, thus giving back through a conservation fee for local sustainable projects and/or projects able to make people more sensitive and alive.

** More than the terminology, the soul of a place is what makes the difference, either Finca, Fazenda, Pousada, even Hotel or Lodge.


The ecolodges selected as THE BEST OF NATURE all share unique qualities that make them so different from classic hotels:

* BASED ON VALUES starting with a reverence attitude towards Nature as well as INSPIRED BY NATURE & with a deep sensation of HARMONY while definitely influenced by their direct environment, from the topography to the local culture & heritage,

* AUTHENTIC with a unique sense of personality that reflects the people behind the ecolodge AND WITH A HUMAN FLAVOR as much in the welcome as in the place itself, ultimately a romantic flavor for lodges that are ideal to celebrate a honeymoon, a birthday or more simply Life,

* EXPERIENTIAL & far more: HIGHLY TRANSFORMATIONAL when through the experience they provide IN SECLUDED PLACES celebrating Silence, they may open new horizons to you for another relationship with Life and the living.