«We think we’re going on a trip, but in reality it’s the trip that makes or breaks us. It builds us, deconstructs us, changes us, opens us up to new horizons.»

Nicolas Bouvier


At a time that celebrates consumption, we have to admit that we have also become travel “consumers” when holidaying. We try to “do” as much as possible, to store destinations and pictures shared quickly on social networks, to accumulate names of countries visited, without always taking the time to examine the impacts that a real Journey can have on us, and as an indirect result, on the environment.

When we approach a journey as a precious encounter (and not just as a mere act of consumption), we can easily feel what energies are calling us and consider it accordingly in a reconnection to Nature and by mirror effect, to our own deep nature. Because Man, just like Cosmos, is made of the 4 Elements.

Are you willing to reconnect to Nature and your own nature?

You’ve landed on the right sacred planet, that of THE BEST OF NATURE: the brand name for a world-wide portfolio of ecolodges and sustainable hotels with a lodge flavor, considered jewels of Nature and working in conjunction with Nature, giving back through a conservation fee for local sustainable and/or sensibilisation projects.

Located in awe-inspiring sites that raise consciousness about the importance of biodiversity and its protection, these retreats aim at inviting you to a wonderful spiritual experience, beyond Travel. All selected places are indeed highly transformational, whether by the sea, in the mountain or in the desert etc… In brief: getaways in remote locations, always in pure nature and Wow nature locations.

Some destinations are more correlated to....


Those that open onto intuition, creativity with a first aquatic plan that can be lake, marsh, delta.... YIN destinations with an horizontal structure, which refill and meet expectations for a more inner journey.


Those that call for anchoring, grounding and are generally in the land, such as countryside, jungle, steppe, bush, forest...
Those are YIN destinations, often with an horizontal structure, that refill. The call also is internal.


Those that call for surpassing oneself, leaving the comfort zone and are generally inland, such as mountains, glaciers, deserts... YANG destinations with a vertical structure that recharge and fit a wish for an external journey.


can be activated in the activity to add to your trip, while taking height and flying over a site, a destination (on a ULM, hot air balloon, hang-glider...). At the level of the Heart Chakra, the Air brings its dimension of openness, access to Love and wonder. This dimension that connects to the Divine, to gratitude, to the spirituality of a place in its deep feeling.

Beyond the travel book, the words, the “to see, to do” while on a trip, how about opening the book of a new type of Travel, of time to your Self? Transformational, this new approach to Travel is an invitation to co-construct our New World. A serene world centered on being (and farniente) rather than on Doing (doing following from being).

So, are you looking for WATER, EARTH or FIRE as a main Element and energy into your next trip?