In the invitation, through this website, to travel differently, WILDERNESS WELLNESS IS THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE, providing the very feeling of peacefulness & wellness while in the WILDERNESS.

A a time when wellness is clearly part of holidaying, how about experimenting that beyond the equipment of the Spa, even of a wonderful swimming pool, pure wellness much more depends on nature itself?

The WildernessWellness dedicated blog will give you guidelines to appreciate Wilderness and experience wellness sometimes very differently from what you thought wellness is. More than words, amplify your sensations in Nature as a Master, mirror of your own nature! Your body knows what you exactly need and will be able to guide you in order to make the right choice for your next destination, whether WATER, EARTH or FIRE oriented, AIR can be activated in the activity to add to your trip.

When arrived at a destination, should you be highly available to receive the benefits of Nature, you may be surprised to feel the energy connected to WATER for instance and what it can provide you with : intuition & creativity.

Here is an introduction to give you some insights into such way of Travelling. Click here!