“Water, drop by drop, digs into the rock.” – Théocrite – 310-250 BC

Close your eyes and connect to Water.

Take time to welcome what Water evokes for you, intimately.

Open them… and keep reading with your heart wide open.

We are made of 65 to 75% water. Source of all life, Water is both a vital, simple and a mysterious Element. Consequently, it is essential in everyday life as well as in the functioning of our organism, Water also invites a mystical approach, in its fathomless depth quality… as are the depths of the ocean.

When we observe the Water Element,
we connect to softness, freshness, fluidity.

Another quality of water is not to be stable. Therefore, water can take any shape, adapt to any volume.

Feel the Water Element within you…

Svadisthana as the 2nd., lumbar chakra

This chakra connects to creativity and the ability to adapt to change

The chakra corresponding to the Water Element is Svadisthana (2nd., lumbar chakra), represented by a lotus with 6 petals, 2 triangles in its heart that fit into each other.
Located between the pubis and the navel, it is the place of creativity, of pleasures, but also of sexuality as a dynamic of creativity, the place of imagination as the starting point of our creative sense.


Understanding the Spirit-Body energy system is essential
if you wish to become the most vibrant, healthy and radiant version of yourself.

Like all other chakras (energy centers of our body that play an important role in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being), if it is open, aligned and fluid, it augurs well for creativity and the ability to adapt to change. But it is a chakra where there can be a lot of tension, a lot of negotiations to untangle the right life choices.

Harmonizing Svadisthana means seeking balance in the creative power within us, giving it its full place without being overwhelmed, in order not to be tyrannized by desires or emotional impulses. It is a space where internal negotiation can be delicate. A space where one of the great qualities of Water can be of great help: softness.

If this chakra is not in balance, you may experience emotional instability, creative blockages, fear of change, sexual dysfunction, depression or addictions.

Willing to activate your creativity?

How about thinking of your next vacation as an opportunity to spend time near water places: oceans, lakes, rivers…?

Is it a long time now you’ve felt caught up in the whirlwind of life, without any more decision-making or creative power, just in a simple routine?

It is probably high time to go and drink at the source, find that connection to the Water Element. Diving, swimming can help you reconnect with the Water Element, also associated with pleasure through many activities such as boating, surfing… Let’s not forget its therapeutic dimension with baths, hot or sulphur springs, thalassotherapy… that can add softness to your (re)connection.

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