Close your eyes.

Take time to welcome what Air evokes for you, intimately, while connecting to your breath that keeps you alive.

Open your eyes… and keep reading with your heart wide open.


fly with wild geese
Feel the Air Element within you…

Anahata as the 4th., heart chakra

This chakra connects to Love and compassion

The 4th. chakra, called the heart chakra
, is located in the center of the chest and includes the heart, heart plexus, thymus gland, lungs and chest. It also regulates the lymphatic system.

The Sanskrit word for the fourth chakra is Anahata, which means “invulnerable to blows or unharmed”, connected to the Air Element, which main quality is to be evanescent, ephemeral. The word implies that behind the suffering and bitterness of past experiences, remains a pure and spiritual place where pain does not exist at all.

Understanding the Spirit-Body energy System is essential if you wish to become the most vibrant, healthy and radiant version of yourself.

Like all other chakras (energy centers of our body that play an important role in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being), if it is open and aligned, you will express yourself with love and compassion, forgive quickly and accept others as well as yourself.

Whereas when the Heart Chakra is not balance, you may experience pain, anger, jealousy, fear of being betrayed, contempt for yourself and others. Physical imbalances can as well occur, such as heart or respiratory problems, upper back pain.

fly with birds

Willing to connect more to Love and marvelling? To gratitude as a deep life-transforming feeling ?

How about thinking of your next vacation as an opportunity to feel the Air Element?

Most frequently encountered as an Energy in cities, however polluted for many of them, Air has not been developped in the Best of Nature’s network except when activated in the activity to add to your trip, while taking height and flying over a site, a destination (on a ULM, hot air balloon, hang-glider…). Get awe-inspired and have fun, while feeling how birds can fly!

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