What is Travel? How can it ever build us, open us up, transform us? How can it contribute to our evolution, to our spiritual growth – let’s dare the word, but avoid too much expectation – ? How can it lead us to touch another relationship with Life, in an invitation to feel places and let them penetrate us with their energy, with regard to the four elements?


We have to go back to the 5th century BC, to the presocratic era, to imbue oneself with this statement of Empedocles that all the materials constituting the physical world are composed of four elements, each of which is represented by a different symbol in the alchemical tradition:

  • WATER symbolized by  ▽
  • EARTH symbolized by
  • FIRE symbolized by △
  • AIR symbolized by 

As soon as we approach a Journey as a precious encounter (not as a mere act of consumption), we can easily feel what energies call us and consider it accordingly in a reconnection to Nature and by mirror effect, to our own nature. In the power of feeling.

If everything, from Man to Cosmos, is composed of four elements, what if we activated our sensitiveness in order to feel that there are destinations that are more correlated to WATER, those that open on intuition but also creativity with a first aquatic plan that can be a lake, a marsh, a delta…. while others are more in the EARTH element: those that call for anchoring, and are precisely inland, such as countryside, heathland, jungle, steppe, bush, forest…
When one lends oneself to this exercise of feeling the hidden soul of a place and operates through curiosity and openness, one can easily connect the FIRE element that sculpts other destinations ; of those that call for surpassing oneself.

AIR, more commonly felt in the heart of cities, can be activated in the activity to add to your trip in pure nature, while taking height and flying over a site for instance.

Beyond the guide book, beyond the words, the “to see, to do” tips, what if we opened the book of a new type of Travel, Vacation(s) in the meaning of Vacuity or Vacancy and full consciousness of the present moment (of the Now & Here in the middle of Nowhere), the availability to one Self?

If there is a law of resonance between Man and the Cosmos, what would we experience when trying to feel the vibration of nature and enter into harmonious resonance with a site?

All over the world, eco-development projects in exceptional natural sites, whether in a national, regional natural park or else on a private sanctuary, open the door to another type of travel: trips to enjoy in the heart of Nature exhuberance, able to create life transformations. Journeys connected to the Being and pure well-being, beyond the equipment of a Spa.

www.thebestofnature.net, a portfolio of world-wide ecolodges, wishes to lead you in the prospection of your next destination, with an unconventional questionning: not classically by destination but by elements and ecosystems.

Ready to take off?

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