Close your eyes. Take time to welcome what Earth evokes for you, intimately. Open them… and keep reading with your heart wide open.

What is special about the Earth? Certainly, it is a stable element, which does not move, or only slightly. Nourishing and enveloping, it supports.

The chakra corresponding to the Earth Element is Muladhara (1st., root chakra), from sanskrit word: Mula meaning root and adhara meaning basis. One of the seven primary chakras, the root chakra is symbolized by a lotus with four petals and the red colour. Don’t think it is the lowest chakra, not worth working upon since the Muladhara chakra is the foundation of the physical structure and of the energy body, influencing as such our whole being while giving us our sense of groundedness and security, as well as the feelings of safety and stability on this journey on Planet Earth.

Located inside the perineum in males, on the rear side of the cervix in women, Muladhara relates to the reproductive, excretory, and urinary organs. This includes the rectum, large intestine, bones, teeth, legs, and spine.

Understanding the Spirit-Body energy System is essential if you wish to become the most vibrant, healthy and radiant version of yourself. Like all other chakras (energy centers of our body that play an important role in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being), if it is open, aligned and fluid, it augurs well for peace and health.

Harmonizing Muladhara means seeking solid and safe foundation, while you will, sooner or later, tend to have fewer and fewer concerns.

If this chakra is not in balance, you may feel ungrounded, fearful, and of low self-esteem as well as manifest physical dysfunctions in the form of sciatica, back pain, and immune disorders, maybe colon problems, problems to the prostate for men. You could ultimately perceive anxiety, make nightmares. Disorders in the diet are also revealed as a symptom of an imbalance in the root chakra.

Willing to activate your inner peace? How about thinking of your next vacation as an opportunity to spend time near Earth places such as forests, steppe or bush, or maybe old mountains?

Ulura/Ayers Rock is a huge electro-magnetic rock in Australia where life is said to have originated. It is believed by the native Aboriginals to be the beginning place where their ancestors were born into this realm. As a massive and solid rock, we can feel it connected to the Earth element.

Is it a long time now you’ve felt worried, with poor self-esteem? Think of your next vacation to seek that connection to the Earth Element and enjoy that precious moment to walk barefoot on the grass, meditate in nature while repeating silently the mantra LAM.

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